6-ton whale buried in central Vietnam

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Authorities buried Monday a dead six-ton whale that had been towed to shore by a fisherman in the south central province of Binh Thuan.

The body of the 12-meter-long animal had been found a day earlier by Nguyen Van Tho of Lien Huong town some eight nautical miles from shore.

He saw the animal floating with many bruises on its body, and when a strong wave pushed it onto the side of his boat, he realized it was dead.

He came ashore and got other fishermen to help tow it to shore.

The whale was buried near Ong Nam Hai Temple (Whales' Temple) in Lien Huong with traditional rituals by locals.

All along the Vietnamese coast, the whale is revered and fishermen believe it brings good luck at sea.

There are temples in many places for the gentle giants and festivals to celebrate them.

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