5 Tips and Tricks for Minecraft for Android

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5 Tips and Tricks for Minecraft for Android

Minecraft is deemed to be one of the popular and successful arcade-style games ever made. Since its creation, the game has spawned into many versions and each of them has hit the bull’s eye. Its simplicity can be somewhat deceptive and once you start playing, you begin exploring the various possibilities and layers beneath the surface. After its buyout by Microsoft, an AR version is in the making and some more iterations are expected to hit the shelves. When you play the Smartphone edition, you can gain by using some Minecraft tips and tricks for android.

Listed below are some cool and useful tricks for playing Minecraft well in android:

Begin with Creative mode - You can play the game in a number of modes and each has its own attractions and challenges. However, the beginners should opt for the game’s Creative mode. This lets you learn and understand the intricate mechanics of the game. Later, you can always get into combating the enemies. It does not involve monsters. This is one mode that lets you utilize the creative sides of your brain as well. Creating virtual castles and towers can be fun. It also lets you fly.

Duplicate Items - This trick has been used by many seasoned Minecraft fans. You will need to use two different devices with the game’s full version installed in both. Now, start the game and place the item you seek to copy in the chest. Now, run the game on these 2 devices and try accessing the chest. You will need to pick the item from both the devices at the same time. This may take a few efforts to work properly. 

You don’t die if you fall - Many Minecraft players mistakenly think they can die in-game if they fall but that is not the truth. You can, therefore, jump from the towers without woes. 

Dig carefully - Sometimes, you may get addicted to digging underground in the game and coming up can be tedious. Think of the physics apart from aesthetics.

Make some tools - This is a must when you play the game in the survival mode. These can be used to cultivate crops and you can also use them in self-defense when the nocturnal enemies attack in groups. Cutting wood and making wooden axe and shovel can make things easier. 


As you keep playing Minecraft, you will figure out how to do things better and learn a few tricks personally! 


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