Thanh Nien raises funds for Vietnamese forces at sea

By Cong Son - Thanh Dong - An Dy, Thanh Nien News

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Vinamilk representative Nguyen Thanh Tu (L) hands over a symbolic check for a VND1 billion donation to Thanh Nien newspaper's Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Quang Thong Tuesday to help Vietnamese fisheries surveillance forces at sea. PHOTO: DIEP DUC MINH
Many individuals and companies have donated to the Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance Force and local fishermen through a Thanh Nien fundraising drive.
The funds have been patriotically donated in the belief that Vientam will peaceably thwart China's brazen incursion into Vietnamese territory.
Director Tran Ngoc Tho of the Trung Viet Transport Company in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province donated VND100 million from his family’s savings to the cause.
“In the current situation, we should contribute toward a peaceful victory that ensures the nation’s sacred sovereignty,” he said.
“We should also prioritize the consumption of domestic products to create jobs for locals and increase revenues which can also be used for national defense and the protection of our sea and islands,” he said.
China deployed the Haiyang Shiyou 981 mobile oil rig and a flotilla that includes warships and aircraft well into Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone earlier this month.
Vietnam has repeatedly protested China's incursion and dispatched several police vessels, including Fisheries Resources Surveillance Force boats, to demand China’s withdrawal to no avail.
On May 20, Vinamilk (Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company) donated VND1 billion to the Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance force.
Vinamilk representative Nguyen Thanh Tu said the company’s general director Mai Kieu Lien had instructed the company’s labor union to support the force immediately after she returned to Vietnam from a mission abroad.
“This is the donation from the company’s labor union and a one-day furlough our workers took to support the fisheries surveillance force with the equipment it needs to protect the country’s sovereignty,” Tu said.
Thanh Nien Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Quang Thong told representatives from Vinamilk that the newspaper will forward the money to the force as soon as possible.
“This is a nice gesture from Vinamilk towards law enforcement officers stationed in the East Sea,” he said.
Thong recognized Vinamilk’s past cooperation with the newspaper in many social charity programs.
Many companies have mobilized their employees to donate to Vietnamese forces in the East Sea, including the Hung Hau Company in Ho Chi Minh whose employees raised VND60 million.
“The donation does not reflect our boundless gratitude towards the marine police and fisheries surveillance forces. We wish them wonderful health in the protection of the country’s sovereignty,” said Lam Trung Hieu from Hung Hau.
On May 19, representatives from Dong A University in Da Nang gave VND50 million to Thanh Nien to forward to Vietnamese forces at sea.
Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Anh Dao said the money was donated by school staff and students at a meeting on the East Sea held earlier that day.
“The school’s students association has also proposed purchasing 200 national flags for fishing boats in Da Nang to support them at sea. This gesture shows that young people understand the situation and act accordingly. The idea is spreading widely,” she said.
Many people have come to Thanh Nien’s offices to make silent, anonymous contributions to the cause.
Meanwhile, an initiative launched by Thanh Nien and the Central Youth Union, Dong hanh voi ngu dan tre ra khoi (Accompanying young fishermen at sea) initiative had collected more than VND4 billion in donations by May 20, 2014.

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