Thanh Nien brings porridge to Hanoi patients

By Nguyen Tuan - Nguyen Trang, Thanh Nien News

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A cancer patient smiles while receiving a carton of bird's nest porridge packs
Thanh Nien newspaper and sponsor Yen Viet Company continued their joint charity work as they gave 600 cartons of bird’s nest porridge to poor patients at Hanoi hospitals last week.
The cartons, worth VND220,000 (US$10) each, were given to poor patients at the National Cancer Hospital, or K Hospital, and three of its branches in Hanoi, as well as patients at the National Burn Hospital and disabled children at the Vietnam-Korea Rehabilitation Center.
Pham Minh San, 63, has been treated for esophageal cancer at K Hospital in Hanoi’s Tam Hiep Commune for four months. He said high medical costs, nearly VND30 million ($1,400) a month, have left his family bankrupt and scraping for food. 
Looking at some porridge packs in his hands, San said with his eyes closed and full of tears, “I won’t have to buy food for some days.”
At the National Burn Hospital, Thanh Nien staff and Yen Viet representatives gave 200 porridge cartons to patients being treated in the rehabilitation, plastic surgery and wound healing departments.
The Vietnam-Korea Rehabilitation Center, which is home to more than 100 children, aged from 6 to 18, received 70 porridge cartons. The children have physical or mental disabilities.  
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