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April 11-17, 2014


Just won’t wash
All the touted benefits notwithstanding, the Mekong River is doomed if China and Laos go ahead with a planned dam-building spree
H’Mong trial flees from employers in China and ends up in Pakistan
Miracle cure?
First attempt to treat cerebral palsy with stem cell transplant deemed a success, but it’s early days yet, experts caution
Remain on paper
All those things you did or thought you could do with a copy of Vietweek in hand – will now remain on paper
Full of holes
HCMC’s plan to dig lakes as a solution for its flooding problems cannot hold water, experts say
Bagasse goes abegging
Huge electricity potential of waste churned out by the nation’s sugar mills remains untapped
Help at hand
Viet Kieu woman and disabled aunt provide rural women with skills and circumstances to overcome poverty
Back on track
Vietnam inspires American expat to revive long-shelved dream of becoming a singer
Strings attached
ODA is one gift horse that Vietnam should look carefully in the mouth because it comes with hidden, inflated costs
Missing factor
Latest controversy over conspicuous absence of integrity in the conduct of reality shows
Fabric of life
A central Vietnam village is the sole repository of a weaving technique unique to the H’Re ethnic minority
Slow and steady
Economists warn the government not to focus completely on credit growth, saying quality is more important


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