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March 28 - April 3, 2014


Fragile gains
The gloss of Vietnam’s headway in poverty alleviation has been rubbed off by the constantly increasing rich-poor gap
Weak defense
Far from being proactive, Vietnamese firms have been passive to a fault in not using trade protection measures
There’s more
Sa Dec draws visitors to the famous Lover’s House, but the Mekong Delta town is not a single-trick pony
Humanly possible
Inspired by the New York experience, a few Hanoians are using their cameras to get to know their brethren better
Untried, untested
Appointing young graduates to grassroots leadership positions carries some risks, especially amidst growing disenchantment with the political apparatus
True to tradition
Latest makeover for oldest building in Ho Chi Minh City will take it further back in time
Bad job
Corruption dogs Vietnam’s efforts to improve its investment environment, but there's no call for excessive FDI pessimism
Sex and the country
No longer taboo – Vietnamese citizens are getting more vocal on homosexual relationships, and a majority supports them
Wild and deadly
Almost all 15 people who ate toxic mushrooms and are in a Hanoi hospital are likely to die, doctors say
Talking it up
A US academic claims the TPP can push Vietnam’s economic growth to a stratospheric 13.6 percent
More things change...
Police crackdown on Bui Vien revelers just means cardboard strips have replaced plastic stools
Spare Dalat
Opponents of a nuclear reactor in the city have support in high places … from Deputy PM Vu Van Ninh
Runway blights
The modeling industry, all sweetness and light on the outside, has a dark underbelly, undercover Thanh Nien reporter discovers


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