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March 21 - 27, 2014


 Wipe those smiles off?

Ho Chi Minh City's drive to stop street revelry and beer guzzling in backpacker areas not a well-considered move

Flying low

Vietnam Airlines move to check rampant smuggling by its flight crew makes scapegoats of honest staff, critics say

Shaggy-dog story

An informal investigation into canine thievery and mob lynching concludes with a reason to stop bitching about eating dog meat

Overdose alarm

Belatedly, Vietnamese experts wake up to the danger of being addicted to foreign investment and the resultant loss of self-reliance

Baby step

Investors are unhappy that foreign ownership cap remains unchanged despite apparent tinkering with rules

White man’s burden

Many tourists and expatriates continue to carry the invisible backpack of white privilege in very visible ways in Vietnam

Live music

A southern Vietnamese art form that permeates the daily lives of residents gets a fresh lease of life with UNESCO recognition

Welcome change

The Golden Kite awards takes a refreshing break from hype and hoopla to focus on long term, quality-driven initiatives

Trading places

The relocation of a weekly market in the Dong Van Plateau has not resulted in the loss of its unique charms – the people and their ways of life

Silver linings

Dutch woman on quest to record beautiful moments in others’ lives gets responses exceeding expectations

Condemned to repeat

History is replete with instances of Washington engineering the overthrow of elected governments, and an Australian experience shows no country is safe from such machinations


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