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Feb 28 - Mar 6, 2014


Labored growth

Reliance on cheap labor a short-sighted strategy, Vietnam’s education reforms should pick up a lot of slack, experts say

Thou art one

‘The pencil’ draws out the artist in everyone, including those who consider themselves far removed from any talent

Past perfect

For all appearances, a village in Bac Giang Province has allowed time to stand still since it was founded

Time is money

Tardy pace of Hanoi’s metro project could cost the capital city millions of dollars in compensation claims, increased costs

It’s a scream

Man on the plastic stool meets with Man of the Mountains, gets squeamish about a squealing pig and makes a meal of it

Calm balm

Italian doctor finds that the best medicine for his heart is to ease the suffering of others

Out of control

Death of suspects during or following police interrogations sparks calls for presence of lawyers, cameras

Horse sense

Vietnamese entrepreneur carves an equestrian niche for herself by combining passion with business smarts

Missing factor

Vietnam losing out to other ASEAN members in the FDI stakes for want of a well-developed supporting industry


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