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Children's safety key to warranting secure society

Rarely have I been as upset and infuriated by a news report as I was after reading your item (August 15, 2009), "Father investigated for brutal treatment of daughter." I am most upset by two sentences: "The department is also considering isolating the child from her father," and, "[police said] they would suggest criminal charges against Tuoc if warranted."

According to your information this "father" (I don't think this person merits such a designation) was witnessed severely beating this poor child with hands and canes and has already admitted to beating his daughter â€" so why has he not already been arrested and charged by the police? Why is he only being "investigated?"

Of course, the courts will ultimately decide whether or not he is guilty and what his punishment will be if he is found guilty. But in the meantime it seems very reasonable and socially normal that the police should arrest and charge him immediately, not just "investigate" further.

And in this type of situation why would there be any delay by the Social Affairs Department in removing this child from an abusive home situation and placing her in some other protective location instead of just "considering" such action?

The necessary actions which should be taken immediately by the authorities in these cases are of a universal nature and are actions required in any caring and protective society anywhere in the world, not only in Vietnam.

Graham F. Potter
Ho Chi Minh City

I fully concur with the statement by Mr. Graham Potter. A case like this would be investigated and the father charged and locked up within six hours. There is no investigation needed, all the evidence is right there. And the child welfare people have to remove these children immediately and place them in a safe environment. Please forward my comments to government officials, they should come here to Canada and learn.

Henry Hollinger

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