Who's helping the children?

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A recent article that quoted the director of the Department for Child Protection and Care as saying "there are about 1,000 cases of child sexual abuse." The quote and content of the article were quite disturbing due to the seeming lack of understanding about the prevalence, causes and long-term consequences that children of abuse, and society, must endure.

It is a mystery as to where the number of "1,000" victims originated because anyone who has any knowledge on this topic is fully aware that this number is ludicrous. All the research indicates very clearly that the vast majority of abuse victims never report to authorities (estimated at 90 percent) and even where abuse has been confirmed by experts, 80 percent of victims still deny their victimization. A recent study of adult women in the US showed that 30 percent were abused as children and rates of abuse in Vietnam, and virtually every other country, are no exception to this pattern. In fact, studies done in India show a much higher incidence. I would think that any organization which has