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Vietnam is a populous country. It's a destination that displays potential to foreign investors or developers. It's a fact that we can't deny, but we didn't fully realize it until the financial crisis hit the world economy recently.

It's easy to run campaign slogans on the Internet or in newspapers saying "Vietnamese, Vietnamese goods", or "Vietnamese should prioritize use of Vietnamese goods". And, though some people question this line of thinking, I still believe in the high quality of Vietnamese goods in the domestic market.

About ten years ago it wasn't easy to buy high quality domestic products. Now, it's different. First, many manufacturers have realized the potential of a big market with nearly 90 million people. Fierce and healthy competition at home encourages them to produce higher quality products at affordable prices. Gradually, these manufacturers have won the consumer's confidence and trust. Secondly, some retailers have started to take pride in selling Vietnamese goods. I was so surprised when a shop-assistant said, "This kettle is made in Vietnam. It is attractive and high quality though the price is a bit more".

I bought it and have not regretted my decision. It's a really good kettle. This anecdote is not a one-off. Similar situations are occurring more and more. If Vietnamese manufacturers improve the quality of their products and sell them at reasonable prices, I believe that the consumer will never want to buy anything but Vietnamese goods. If this happens, both the manufacturer and the consumer will reap the benefits. There will be an improved and stronger domestic market and manufacturers will be better prepared to penetrate foreign markets.

As a Vietnamese consumer, I am happy because it helps to save money for people earning low or middle-incomes. The efficacy of some of the above campaigns at the moment is slow, but I think we can accelerate the process by taking appropriate measures. I'm not an economist or a businessman, but I've come up with some ideas. Firstly, as far as I'm concerned, domestic manufacturers need to produce high quality products at reasonable prices to attract consumers from all classes of society. Secondly, we need to create a close link between producers and retailers so as to effectively distribute products. Both sides will benefit and we won't have counterfeit goods in the market. Finally, governmental agencies ought to take action to help both domestic manufacturers and local retailers. This will help to develop Vietnam's economy and create more jobs for people.

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