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Most online game addicts don't receive attention from their parents.

Many adults focus too much on their jobs and neglect their children. They give their kids money and don't control their expenditures. What else can kids spend money on, if not games?

On the other hand, many children play games "dutifully." If their parents restrict them to one or two hours per day, that's what they'll play. Whether a kid is addicted to games or not depends on parental supervision. Every issue has two sides; online games are no exception. Don't make online games a scapegoat for poor parenting.

Nguyen Nhut
(Thu Duc District, HCMC)

In my opinion, the country is not doing a good job of enforcing age restrictions for online games. The game CrossFire produced by VTC is labeled NC-17, but, in fact, 6-7 year olds are playing it all over the place. More research should be conducted to figure out better solutions to prevent childhood addiction to online games.


I'm a student who used to play online games and I know many ex and current gamers. Most of my friends play in moderation and know how to balance studying and play time. They know when to stop and remain in full control of what they are doing.

The Chinese government categorizes three hours of continuous game play as "normal." They consider three to five hours "tiring", and over five hours "dangerous". Why doesn't our society accept the facts? Most game players play for two to three hours per day. Of course, there are people who play games excessively, which affects their health, but they represent a minority. If online games are going to be held responsible for [bad behavior and poor health], all forms of entertainment (e.g. comic books, films and music) should take the blame as well.

Hoang Khanh
(82 Ten Lua Street, Binh Tan District, HCMC)

I once ran an Internet shop, so I witnessed many students neglect their studies, their families and their friends. These kids devoted all their time and money to games. Children need recreation but they aren't aware of gaming's potential harms. I hope that the authorities and online game providers will place effective limits on game play time so that kids can play games recreationally without doing harm to their health and studies.

Le Ngoc Chieu
(Tien Giang Province)

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