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I lived in Nhan Co Commune between 2003 and 2005, the present location of one of the two bauxite mining complexes. Back then, the street from Nhan Co to Gia Nghia Town was lined by hills with pine tree forests. Local people always hoped for Gia Nghia to develop and become the center of Dak Nong Province. They wished for Nhan Co to become "the second Dalat" a famous resort town in Lam Dong. However, since the bauxite project started, the hills and forests of pine trees have been destroyed and replaced with ugly red land.

I don't know how great the project's immediate benefits are, but I can't bear to think of the consequences for future generations. Officials insisted that they would "study" and "check" the project, and that it would be conducted in accordance with "international standards." But, how can we "check" those statements, when problems with quality have arisen at many national projects?

Nguyen Viet Thanh (nguyenthanh460@...)

I'm very worried about the environment and people's safety after reading stories about bauxite projects. In my opinion, big projects need to be conducted by Vietnamese people who have the relevant expertise and skills, and are fully aware of their responsibilities. We can't depend on China for everything.

In interviews with the press about national projects, officials usually use the word "if" and imply that an accident takes place due to factors out of their control. They presume that it is not their fault.

It's really depressing to see public projects fail right after they are put into operation and hear officials attribute the failure to factors out of their control. It ends up that they make it look like only those suffering from bad luck have accidents at the problematic projects.

Taking that into account, is there anyone that can believe the bauxite project will not have consequences upon the public? And, will there be some official or agency to take responsibility for the accidents when they occur? It's highly probable that any accident will be attributed to other factors.

Ngoc Sang
(Bien Hoa Town, the southern province of Dong Nai)

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