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Change is afoot at Thanh Nien Weekly, the English language publication of Thanh Nien, the leading newspaper in Vietnam by circulation. We are changing our name to Vietweek from January 6, 2012. 

But, as always, we will bring to you, both expats and Vietnamese readers, edgy stories that you will not read anywhere else in the English language media. And that means in-depth stories about what is being done or not done to solve the vexatious traffic problem in big cities, how corruption is affecting grassroots people and their daily lives, and many more.

Vietweek will take a close look at critical issues like health, education, social equity, environment, and labor, and anyone found to thwart progress will be fair game for criticism.

Vietweek will also provide a forum for foreign and Vietnamese readers to express their thoughts on various subjects and inform public debate.

The newspaper will provide expats, tourists, and other foreigners the lowdown on places to visit in Vietnam and where to eat and have fun, and bring you insights into Vietnamese culture and traditions, with focus on exotic ones that even locals are not fully aware of.

Vietweek will be available at all newsstands, office buildings, restaurants, and hotels in all major Vietnamese cities.

We hope for your continued patronage.


Pay just VND306,000, or less than US$15, for one year.

Please call (08) 3925 5738 or send your information (name, address, and phone number) to:


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