Simplicity will enrich weddings

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Wedding parties have grown into an industry that focuses more on form than food, sometimes to such an extent that they became awkward and confuse the guests.

Let’s take a wedding party in Ho Chi Minh City for example.

Since people have grown more affluent in general, eating has become secondary at wedding parties. Guests now spend more time watching how the venue is decorated than enjoying the food.

They want to know about the stage, the music band, and if the atmosphere would be western, Chinese, Japanese, or just Vietnamese.

In many cases, the emcees seem to have verbal diarrhea. They use too many flowery words that have no meaning, often leaving guests shaking their heads with a snigger.

They read poems that are so weird that they are embarrassing for a poet to hear: They choose a few big words and throw them together with no concern for rhyme or meter.

The wedding stage is turned into a comedy show at least a few times when the guests are allowed to sing on the stage and they begin to fight for their turn.

Warm and simple weddings will allow guests to be comfortable so that they can truly share in the couple’s happiness or anxiety.

How a wedding looks and depends largely on the couple. If they are aware of culture and politeness, they will make the wedding elegant and comfortable for guests.

Guests too can enhance the quality of a wedding by arriving at the time indicated on the invitation. We should get rid of the mindset that since people come late there is no point in going early.

* The writer is a well-known Vietnamese poet

By Do Trung Quan

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