Running around in circles

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Poor students! The Ministry of Education and Training keeps allowing schools to use their students as subjects for experiments, one after another, and they are still offering them unscientific programs.

Students nowadays can't go to school without being concerned about dramatic changes in trials initiated by policymakers and educators. The latter keep thinking about making changes just so they are seen as taking initiatives to contribute to the country's education.

As a result, our education keeps going around in circles and never knows when it will be able to catch up with other countries.

Vuong Thi Hue (vuonghue2808@....)

When I was a student in the 1990s, I also studied with a pilot program. It has been some

20 years, but I still hear the term "pilot." Is our education that bad? Many years have gone by, but we still can't finalize an academic program for students, can we? The way the education

system operates now, there's no hope that we'll able to churn out another Ngo Bao Chau (who last month won the Fields Medal the world's most prestigious award for mathematics) even after a millennium.

Quang Huy (phungquanghuy@ )

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