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The rise in rhino poaching in South Africa has now reached epidemic levels. Without the help of the Vietnamese people, all the conservation successes that have been realized in this area will soon be in vain.

Indeed, any objective analysis shows that rhinos are not the only victims of rhino poaching, humans are too.

On the one hand, the magnificent rhinos are mowed down and their faces are mercilessly sliced off with chainsaws to harvest their horns. Often, the animals are still alive while this is done. It is hard to imagine a more horrific fate for this iconic animal.

Similarly, people who are told that rhino horns are a magical cure for cancer or other maladies face cruel disappointment and death when they find out that the rhino horn has no magical ingredients after all.

The inhuman syndicates who organize these activities prey on multiple victims and show no regard for the miracle of life on our planet. If we can't save our wildlife, mankind will know no better fate.

Accordingly, I would like to issue a friendly challenge to the young people in Vietnam to help educate others about the futility of rhino horns. With your help we can ensure these prehistoric marvels continue to roam the planet for future generations to enjoy.

Mark Snaychuk
Geologist, Calgary, Alberta Canada

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