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January 24 - 30, 2014


Sinking ship

Scary accident could be final nail in the coffin for rundown hydrofoils running well past their official expiry date

Good's in fashion

Viet Kieu entrepreneur shows altruism is a business strategy that yields high returns on investment

Nuclear fallout

Vietnam defers first atomic plant by six years on safety concerns but does little to promote generation of green energy

Infirm firms

Economists call for more government support for ailing private sector, saying state-owned enterprises are getting more than their fair share

Crowning glory

Dedicated goldsmith pulls off amazing feat in restoring crowns used during the days of the Nguyen Dynasty

Sky's the limit

Getting to the top of Muoi Mountain in the northern highlands is a stellar experience, literally

It stinks Down Under

Australian minister has no sympathy for Vietnamese student who was battered by racist thugs

Torn asunder

An American visits the DMZ and does not know whether to marvel at the people there or be saddened

The more things change

Tunisians are bitter that the overthrow of Ben Ali has changed nothing


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