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(Fighting the bad guys, Thanh Nien Weekly Issue 92, July 1-7, 2011)

I respect the crime fighters. They are contributing to keeping peace. Even though they have to take care of their families, and they don't earn much from their current jobs, they are willing to put aside their daily concerns to fight against evil, and protect society. They are in danger, but society always supports and protects them. So, please don't feel discouraged.

Lan Anh, Binh Duong Province

Their acts are a help to the police. If police take steps to protect crime fighters after they help identify criminals, it will discourage the culprits from taking revenge and encourage fighters to continue their good work.


It's heart-warming to know that there are heroes out there who are willing to catch thieves, but it's also worrisome to know that criminals are openly challenging the law. If laws aren't strict enough to protect the good, the good will have no place to exist. What these criminals did is not only a threat to people who are acting in the public interest, but also the best aspects of human nature.

An old doctor

Why are crimes increasing and criminals looking down on laws, making people frightened and insecure? And, why are people who expose these acts attacked continuously? In my opinion, there are two reasons:

First, police aren't determined enough. They arrest the criminals but later release them.

Second, sanctions aren't strong enough to deter criminals. As a result, they're willing to lash out at a private citizen who attempts to identify them.

Le Quang Tung

It's obvious that the public security has recently gotten complicated as criminals seem increasingly willing to openly assault their victims in broad daylight. People can't do anything but stay away from them.

If the security situation continues to worsen, no one will know who to call for help, because they always have to wait for a long time for police to respond to their calls. Only after criminals leave the scene do police arrive only to collect information from witnesses.

Dien Ngoc

It is everyone's responsibility to maintain public security"”the police are just the ones who get paid to do it. When people actively join police in protecting the public, they need to be respected, honored and receive effective support from police and authorities. However, there are many cases where police actions deserve criticism"”such is the case in Di An Town's police division in Binh Duong Province. Such departments really need to take a hard look at themselves and change their lighthearted (if not irresponsible) attitudes toward their work.

Minh Thanh

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