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My youngest brother has received high scores for his composition on raising people's awareness of environmental protection in his class.

This morning, my mother told him to throw the household waste outside. "It's very ridiculous, I get the best mark, and now I am about to do what I have been saying is bad," he said.

Most of my family members duck trash-throwing responsibilities, and as you see, my tiny (miserable) youngest brother is in charge of doing it unwillingly. My father, my mother, my brother, and my relatives, in fact, do not want to throw away their household waste in that way. They love the beauty of nature but with no dump truck, no dumping ground, they finally have no choice but to continue to put the trash in some bushes near the riverbank.

In the flooding season, the river water level rises high and scatters the trash everywhere. In summer, the water level goes down and leaves the rubbish behind on the tree's roots. My childhood's ideal swimming pool lost forever. The modernization deprives me of the poetry of summers on the breezy and cool water flow near the bamboo hedgerows.

Thank God Beethoven was born in the eighteenth century, the era of beautiful grasslands and fields - endless sources of inspiration for him to compose his well-known "Pastoral Symphony", or the sixth symphony in F major. I wonder if Beethoven were born in this modern time, what would happen? Maybe you and I would have lost the precious opportunity of listening to such pretty harmonies.

We will continue to struggle with this problem even more because of rapid economic development in many rural areas.

It's quite easy to criticize someone or something, but it would be much more difficult to find a way out. In my view, first, we should restrict the use of nylon bags. Ten years ago, my mother went to the market by bicycle with her plastic basket. Fish, meat, and other food were packed in a small piece of banana leaf. There is no inorganic waste, it's wonderful. But some clean, reusable nylon bags are often thrown away. Let's keep them for another purpose.

Second, household waste in countryside is still rich in organic substances. So, we can help people classify organic compounds and inorganic ones. Organic waste can be thrown at a family dust-hole, even some inorganic easily-decayed items can be buried with them. I do it before every Lunar New Year's Eve, and my relatives always appreciate my efforts.

Finally, and very important, we should help rural areas build many cheap waste-treatment plans. I have been reading of many mini models in Thanh Nien. It has impressed me because it costs only VND100-200 million. Is it out of our reach?

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