Dengue problem requires more than just swatting flies

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It's the same old song for Ho Chi Minh City residents: larvae and mosquitoes have emerged and we haven't dealt with the problem at its root. Now dengue is back again.

In recent days, the living conditions of residents around the Bang Ky Bridge near the Lang Canal in Binh Thanh District are, again, badly affected by the surge of larvae and mosquitoes.

Local authorities, again, sent taskforces to the area to study the case while health agencies keep spraying pesticides to temporarily deal with the problem, reassuring the people.

But most locals are now upset as the same solutions applied every year have proven to be counter-productive.

There are times all year round that at twilight, the residents here have to do almost everything under mosquito nets, from having dinner to studying for school.

The root of the problem lies in the fact that the canal's flow has been stopped by garbage and water weeds.

Ho Chi Minh City has for long been notorious for its high levels of dengue fever. Health authorities have pointed out that the main cause is the clogged canals, many of which have been blocked by recent construction work.

But just because authorities have found the cause doesn't mean they'll deal with it. Many massive mosquito communities still exist despite all the studies, discussions and chemicals.

The problem will only be solved when constructors who obstruct water flows are held responsible for what they do and authorities are determined to punish the violators.

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