Da Lat Flower Festival wilts on organizers’ apathy

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The Da Lat Flower Festival closed on a sour note after organizers did not invest as much as they should have.

The flower city, as well as Lam Dong Province, promoted the festival while they have yet to develop local flower villages.

The organizers broke their promise, failing to set up flower “zones” at the festival, after announcing there would be flowers blooming all along the 26-kilometer Lien Khuong Highway and parts of National Highway No.20. They called it off, simply claiming there was not enough time.

Though the festival was in its third year, the main events were not organized carefully. It seemed like the organizers only cared about the opening ceremony on December 31 since it was broadcast live.

Many people who had tickets for the opening night were not let in, as if the organizers were worried they couldn’t maintain security in the presence of TV cameras.

There were few, if not any, roses on New Year’s Eve, though the occasion had been advertised as the night of love with many roses. Even a city official was seen shaking his head in disappointment that night.

A cup made of flowers at the festival, which set a national record for being the biggest, just had a few flowers at the cup sole, instead of having 10,000 flowers to represent the four seasons as the organizers had boasted earlier.

The music show on Sunday night before the festival ended was tasteless.

Since the festival organizers had appointed no one to work with the media, reporters from outside found it hard to get information about the events.

Hopefully, the organizers will learn from this so that Da Lat residents and visitors can enjoy better festivals in future.

By Le Han

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