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The public is outraged by the latest case of child abuse, discovered in the southern province of Dong Thap last week. Nine-month-old Nguyen Thi Nhu Y was abused by her mother, Nguyen Thi Xuan Lan, and her lover.

It is said that even a tiger doesn't eat its offspring. I don't understand how Lan can be so cruel as to torture her innocent little child.

When reading the news, I felt so heartbroken. I wish I could adopt the baby. I also hope related agencies bring the mother to trial.

Nguyen Van Giang

It's heart-wrenching. The baby is just nine months old, but has been abused by her own mother. If she continues to live with such inhumane people, it's for sure she'll grow up and do the same as was done to her. I hope that authorities and agencies will punish Lan and deprive her of the right to be a mother or keep the baby away from her so she won't suffer such cruel torture anymore.

Le Thi Hong Nhung

Many people want to have a child, but they can't. How can Lan beat and torture her own child like that? The child is less than one-year-old, so how can the mother be angry at her for crying? It's just an excuse! I hope that the girl will meet someone else who can protect and love her so she can grow up properly, just like other children.

Kim Khanh

My daughter is the same age as the abused girl. My heart breaks whenever she has a fever or a cough. I felt so outraged when I read the news. Law enforcers need to do something about it.

Nguyen Ha Anh

Related agencies should find someone else to take care of Nhu Y, as Lan has no right to be her mother. To take care of the child is just an excuse for her to avoid police questioning.

Related agencies should deprive Lan of this right and question her to find out her and her lover's illegal acts.

For me, those who beat their own children like that aren't eligible to call themselves Vietnamese; they are ruining the traditional image of Vietnamese mothers.

Thuy Trang

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