Vietnamese retailers fail to savvy growing trend of online shopping on phone

Thanh Nien News

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A shopping site accessible on cell phone. Photo credit: VnExpress A shopping site accessible on cell phone. Photo credit: VnExpress


One convenience of mobile devices is that they allow people to shop from wherever they are, but many businesses in Vietnam have not managed to work on their mobile interface, a new survey suggest.
Nguyen Thanh Hung, vice chairman of the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (Vecom), said at a conference Monday that the country’s retail industry is falling behind new shopping trends.
He proved his point by trying to open three retail websites on his cell phone, but could access only one since the others did not have a mobile version.
The association’s survey last year found that mobile devices had become the top Internet surfing channel in Vietnam, but only 15 percent of retail businesses had mobile sites.
More than a third of the 90 million population owned a smart phone, and 76 percent of Internet users went online on their phones every day compared to 59 percent on computers.
“Mobile e-commerce in Vietnam has big potential, but not many businesses have learned to tap it,” news website VnExpress quoted Hung as saying.
Le Thiet Bao of shopping site Deca said at the conference that his team spent three months to develop a mobile version and it paid off within two weeks.
People stay on the site longer and the number of successful transactions increased by 30 percent.
“Getting 30 percent richer in two weeks is not bad at all.”
Hoang Anh Viet of shopping site Lingo said most customers had shopped on their desktops in 2012, but now 40 percent shop on mobile devices.
Viet also said most mobile shoppers are active after 8 p.m.
“So any program launched after that hour will have a big effect.”


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