Vietnamese males unpopular within Malaysian labor market

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Vietnam's Overseas Labor Management Department says domestic male workers must improve their style of work or else continue to fall out of favor within the Malaysian market.

According to LME, a company specializing in finding workers for about 400 Malaysian companies, many of enterprises of the country have recently said they do not want to hire Vietnamese men.

LME Director Ong Wei Seng said although Vietnamese male workers are clever, fast and tend to volunteer themselves for difficult tasks, they are also considered lazy and known for moonlighting.

Moreover, Vietnamese workers have a reputation for quitting jobs without notice as soon as problems arise instead of discussing matters with the boss, he said.

Neo, director of another intermediary agency in Malaysia, said his company has been relying on Indonesian workers and has not introduced Vietnamese men to Malaysian firms for nearly a year.

Nguyen Hong Thao, Vietnam's ambassador in Malaysia, told local media that Vietnamese workers, whose proportion within Malaysian labor market is down 30 percent from where it was a few years ago, are apparently willing to quit their jobs at any time to get another one, provided that the new job can bring them higher salaries.

"Vietnamese men working here in general do not have a tidy lifestyle. They are also not aware of saving water and electricity," said Be Xuan Tu, a Vietnamese worker who has been working in Malaysia for six years.

"Moreover, some of them like drinking wine, gambling and sometimes, fighting. Those things have given all Vietnamese workers a very bad reputation."

While male workers are less and less popular among employers, Vietnamese women fare still in vogue. Seng said Malaysia still has a high demand for Vietnamese female workers because they are known not only as smart and fast, but extremely diligent.

Vietnam's Overseas Labor Management Department suggested domestic enterprises should select workers more carefully and better prepare them to work abroad, saying that the Malaysian market is an "easy" one for poor Vietnamese people to find good jobs with decent salaries.

Vietnam has been sending workers to Malaysia since 2002. Since then, around 190,000 Vietnamese people have come to work in this country, according to a report on the Dan Tri newswire.

Around 70,000 Vietnamese laborers currently work in Malaysia with an average salary of around VND6.5 million (US$312) per month.

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