Vietnamese are online 16 hours a week: Nielsen

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Vietnamese digital consumers spend 16 hours online every week as rapid technological developments revolutionize digital media usage across Southeast Asia, Nielsen says in a new report.

The market research company said its inaugural Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report revealed that internet usage in some markets surpasses the time spent on traditional media such as television, radio or print. Singaporean digital consumers were the heaviest Internet users in the region, spending 25 hours online per week.

"The increasing availability and uptake of internet capable devices is driving usage of digital media across the region and bringing about considerable changes in the way media is consumed, in particular fueling media multi-tasking behaviors amongst Southeast Asian consumers," said Melanie Ingrey, Nielsen's APMEA Region Research Director.

According to Nielsen, news top the list of the most popular activities undertaken online in Vietnam.

Unlike other markets, social networking has not made the top five rankings in the country.

While almost two thirds of digital consumers in the Philippines have connected or interacted with brands, products or companies via social media in the past year, only 8 percent of Vietnamese consumers have done so, the report said.

Facebook, the dominating social media site in the Philippines and Malaysia, does not enjoy such dominance in Vietnam, where local competitor Zing holds a significant market share.

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