Vietnam state bank denies new bug-related attack report

By Anh Vu - Truong Son, Thanh Nien News

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The State Bank of Vietnam on Thursday denied a report that around 15 local e-banking websites and online payment gateways were hacked in relation to a newly-discovered bug called Heartbleed.
Vietnamese banking industry information security is still “safe” and “normal,” Thoi bao Kinh te Sai Gon (Saigon Times) Online newspaper quoted the bank as saying.
Earlier that day, HVA Online – one of Vietnam’s oldest Internet security forums – reported that around 15 e-banking websites of local banks and online payment gateways had been attacked, soon after the discovery of Heartbleed was announced by Google researchers and Finland-based security firm Codenomicon.
According to the forum’s representative, the number of passwords and credit card security information that had been stolen was “innumerable.”
Heartbleed has been found in OpenSSL, a widely-used Web encryption program, and is believed to expose data to hackers.
However, Vietnam’s central bank said that besides using SSL encryption technology, local banks also apply other security technologies, so even if hackers make use of the bug, they cannot not get through the banks’ information security system.
Local banks have finished reviewing their websites to detect and fix the defect by upgrading their OpenSSL software as ordered by the state bank, and no problems have been discovered, according to the news report.
Under the order, the banks had to ask their customers to change their passwords or re-issue new cards for them, in case they found that their websites had been compromised.

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