Vietnam sends more than 81,000 laborers overseas

TN News

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Vietnam has sent more than 81,000 laborers overseas as of November, Vietnam News Agency quoted an official from the labor ministry as saying on Tuesday.

Despite difficulties, Vietnam is likely to achieve the target of sending 87,000 laborers overseas this year, said Le Van Thanh, deputy chief of the ministry's Overseas Labor Management.

According to Thanh, one of the great difficulties for Vietnam's labor export this year was the political turmoil in Libya, which prompted the government to bring more than 10,000 workers home.

Meanwhile, because the world economy is in trouble, the demand for laborers is no longer high, he stressed.

The fact that Vietnamese laborers illegally stayed in foreign countries has also made it difficult for Vietnam to retain its traditional export markets "” Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia. However, the number of laborers exported to those countries have increased year on year, he said in the news agency.

Thanh said 40 percent of Vietnamese laborers are working in the traditional markets, the news agency reported.

Taiwan topped the markets for Vietnam labor exports, with 93,000 laborers mainly working at factories and nursing homes. South Korea followed, with some 60,000 working in agriculture, fishery and construction.

In Malaysia, nearly 54,000 Vietnamese workers are employed in industries such as electronics and textile. Meanwhile, in Japan, some 18,000 people are working in mechanics and electronics industries, among others, the official added.


Thanh  said the department is cooperating with related agencies to improve the quality of laborer recruitment to maintain the markets, while studying new markets such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The department will also conduct measures to approach and negotiate with construction contractors to resume investment in recovering markets such as Libya.

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