Vietnam products get promotion boost from ministry

TN News

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Firms and organizations will get a sponsorship of between 70-100 percent for activities promoting Vietnamese products and destinations, according to a statement by the Ministry of Finance.

As part of the national commercial promotion program, any firms and organizations promoting Vietnam's products, industries and tourism spots to foreign markets can be supported 70 percent on the advertisement cost, in accordance with overseas prices.


The same support will be given to finished media products stimulating Vietnam's export, conducted by foreign media agencies that a firm or organization invited to Vietnam.


Firms or organizations that consult local and foreign experts on developing a domestic product, or help the firm go deeper into foreign markets will also get sponsored for consultation fees.


Meanwhile, businesses attending exhibitions overseas will be sponsored the entire cost, but not more than VND200 million (US$9,700).


The funds can be used on site rent, design, decoration, invitation cards and reception, according to the government announcement. The ministry plans to enact such sponsorships starting in August.


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