Vietnam mobile internet usage now low, but set to surge: report

TN News

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A whopping 75 percent of Vietnamese consumers intend to use mobile Internet in the next 12 months as the popularity of digital media is set to surge in the country, global measurement company Nielsen said in a report this week.

Nielsen said the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has been slow to catch on in Vietnam, but looking ahead the country has the strongest mobile Internet adoption intent of any market in Southeast Asia.

While only 21 percent of Vietnamese consumers currently own an Internet capable mobile, 46 percent will look to purchase a smart phone in the coming year, according to the report.

"Vietnamese love to spend on technology and stay connected, despite lesser buying power compared to some of their Asian neighbors," said Managing Director Darin Williams of Nielsen Vietnam.

But to support this trend, he said, mobile infrastructure still needs to be developed and prices need to come down for the majority of consumers to use mobile Internet.

Nielsen also noted that Vietnamese Internet users are the most likely among Southeast Asia markets to be influenced by information on social media platforms. More than half trust consumer opinions posted online and 81 percent use social media as a resource in purchase decisions, according to the report.

The report includes data taken from Nielsen's inaugural Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report to be released in September.

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