Vietnam metro aims at 12 pct growth in 2011

TN News

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Ho Chi Minh City aims at a GDP growth of 12 percent and an average per capita income of US$3,130 for 2011, city legislators said at a meeting on Friday.


The city also plans to increase its export turnover by 9 percent and keep the increase in consumer price index to below 7 percent.


Vietnam's annual per capita income grew from less than US$100 in 1990 to about $1,200 this year, a World Bank report said in August.


Other city goals for next year, including: treatment of all medical waste; severely punish all environment polluters; and clearing all household solid waste from downtown public areas, were received with skepticism by many deputies who said they were not realistic.


But Pham Phuong Thao, chairwoman of the city People's Council, approved the targets and said the city would "try" to reach them.


The council chose 2011 the Year for Children.

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