Vietnam farmer seeks to register own fish brand

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A farmer in southern Vietnam has become the first individual to invest in a brand name for a new kind of anabas fish.

Truong Phu Quoc of Vi Thuy District in the Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang is going to register a name for his new fish variety the Hau Giang Square-head Anabas.

More than two years ago, Quoc harvested his anabas and found more than 70 of them with square heads and bigger size than others. He retained the big anabas fish to breed them as a new variety.

The square-headed ones weigh twice as much as normal anabas and grow faster to 400 grams in just five months, Quoc said. He said the male square-head and female grow to the same size instead of the male normally being smaller.

They fish are selling for VND75,000-120,000 a kilogram at the local market.

Many people around the province, from Ho Chi Minh City and the neighboring Dong Nai Province have offered Quoc up to VND4 million (US$209) for a couple of mature square-head anabas for breeding but he has turned them down.

Quoc applied to register the fish as a new variety with the Hau Giang Department of Science and Technology in January.

The concerned provincial department is testing the DNA and genes of the square-head anabas before it is granted the recognition that Quoc is seeking.

If they're different from ordinary anabas, the department will grant the square-head a brand name, said the agency's temporary head Nguyen Minh Duc.

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