Vietnam egg industry threatened by Hong Kong import ban

TN News

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A Hong Kong agency has said the territory is likely to boycott chicken eggs from Vietnam because of the failure of the Animal Health Department to provide information about egg quality regulations.


Since 2008, the Hong Kong's Food and Environment Hygiene Department (FEHD) has required egg exporters, including Vietnam, to provide legal documents concerning the process and regulations for checking egg export.


The move was to prepare for a bill on the import of egg, chicken, meat and farmed animals into Hong Kong. The bill, to be submitted to Hong Kong legislative authorities in 2011, requires egg exporters to ask for an import permit from Hong Kong agencies and enclose quarantine certificates from the exporting countries guaranteeing that the eggs are safe for human consumption.


But Vietnam's Animal Health Department under the Health Ministry has failed to do it so far.


FEHD said that failure would adversely affect the export of Vietnam's chicken eggs to Hong Kong and possibly lead to Hong Kong's stopping purchases from Vietnam.


Hong Kong imported 1.8 billion chicken eggs in 2009, including 1.4 percent, or around 25 million, from Vietnam.


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