Vietnam customs officers puzzled by sex toys

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The lack of regulations on sex toy imports has left Vietnam's customs officers confused as many such items have recently arrived in the country as gifts and personal luggage, news website VnExpress said Saturday.


The Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department on Friday sent a statement on the problem to the Customs Control and Supervision division.


The department said it has been puzzled on many occasions in processing the products, which are banned from import to Vietnam for commercial purposes, and could not decide how to categorize them or if they were illegal.


Current regulations only ban harmful children's toys and sex toys do not fall in that category. They are not among prohibited health or cultural product imports either, the department noted.


The government in 2009 also issued a ban on cultural activities that promote obscene and debauched lifestyle or go against traditions, but it did not specify whether sex toys would fall under this category or not, the statement said.


It asked Vietnam Customs to issue specific instructions on dealing with sex toys and similar products.


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