Vietnam attracts $5.7 bln investment from overseas Vietnamese

TN News

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Overseas Vietnamese have invested in more than 3,200 projects in Vietnam with combined investments of around US$5.7 billion, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Over the past six years, many policies have been implemented that favor overseas Vietnamese, Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem said at a conference in Hanoi.

Around 500,000 foreigners of Vietnamese origin, also known as Viet kieu, return to Vietnam every year, including 300 experts and intellectuals and thousands of people looking for investment opportunities, he said.

Overseas remittances have increased by 10 to 15 percent a year, he added.

Speaking at the conference, former Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien said more efforts are needed to attract the resources of overseas Vietnamese.

There are currently no measures and policies to support overseas intellectuals to return and work in Vietnam, he said.

According to a report on the government's website on Monday, there are nearly four million overseas Vietnamese living in 103 countries and territories around the world.

Around 400,000 of them are university graduates or post-graduates.

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