Vietnam Airlines set to receive latest, extra-wide Airbus planes

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The first A350 XWB Vietnam Airlines contracted to buy from Airbus is seen outside the Airbus paint shop in France. Photo credit: Vietnam News Agency

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines will take delivery of an Airbus A350 XWB – the world's newest passenger jet – this June as part of its efforts to become a four-star carrier this year. 
The carrier said the airplane it contracted to buy from Airbus was rolled out of the Airbus factory in Toulouse fully painted last Friday, Thoi Bao Kinh Te Saigon Online reported. 
The plane is undergoing procedures for engine installation and interior design before test flights. 
It is scheduled that the plane will be handed over to Vietnam Airlines in June. 
According to plans, the carrier will receive three other Airbus A350 XWBs this year for long-haul flights. 
A total 19 Boeing 787s and 14 Airbus A350 XWBs will be delivered to the carrier between mid-2015 and early-2019. 
The A350 XWB is Airbus’ all-new family of widebody aircraft that is shaping the future of medium- to long-haul airline operations. The "XWB" in the name means "extra wide body." 
Vietnam Airlines recently revealed plans to upgrade its services into a four-star level this year.
It changed the uniforms of attendants and pilots and its logo, and announced plans to upgrade the fleet.

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