Vietjet and Airbus to establish A320/A321 flight & maintenance training center in Vietnam

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Vietjet’s Vice President To Viet Thang at the signing ceremony with Airbus Vietjet’s Vice President To Viet Thang at the signing ceremony with Airbus
On February 17 at the Singapore Airshow 2016, Vietjet and Airbus signed an agreement to establish an A320/A321 Flight & Maintenance Training Center in Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on training pilots, engineers, mechanics, flight dispatchers and flight trainers.
Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the center will host an Airbus A320 Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) to conduct flight crew training for its A320 family fleet. In addition, Airbus will also provide Maintenance training services via its training media and courseware including its dynamic trainers and teaching techniques. These will be delivered within the Airbus Competence Training (ACT) classroom concept, whilst bringing Airbus’ and EASA’s standards to Vietjet Training Center.
With this agreement, Vietjet has become the first airline in Vietnam to collaborate with Airbus for an A320 family fleet flight and maintenance training center, which is to be one of Airbus’s training legs in the Asia Pacific.
Dinh Viet Phuong, Vice President of Vietjet said: “Vietjet and Airbus have effectively collaborated with each other and this agreement once again marks a new milestone for both organizations. Airbus’s training expertise will help enforce Vietjet’s capabilities in flight and maintenance training to be in line with the internationally recognized standards. Investment in an aviation institute is one of the most important goals in Viejtet’s sustainable growth strategies.”
Didier Lux, Head of Airbus Customer Services said: “We are delighted to provide Vietjet with equipment and materials for flight and maintenance training. We are committed to expanding our services footprint in Vietnam and the region. Teaming-up with Vietjet through our first training services agreement in Vietnam is a major milestone to deliver Training by Airbus in the region, and it ensures more efficient service, support and proximity to our customers.”

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