Vi Hao Hot Chili Sauce– A journey to delight gourmet custormers in Vietnam and abroad

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Today, hot sauce is an emerging global business. The industry, which is among the 10 fastest growing in the United States, now rakes in over $1 billion a year in global sales.
Last year, sales of Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha products exceeded some 20 million bottles, worth a staggering $60 million dollars of the market share.
This brand, developed by a Vietnamese American in the US, is now famous across the world for being one of the most enticing and delicious Sriracha hot sauces on the market.
Mention Sriracha to any American and they will recall the flavorful chili sauce of Huy Fong Foods. In Vietnam, though, people will think of Vi Hao chili sauce. Two different names, but their flavors and processing methods come from the same source.
Vi Hao’s Sriracha hot chili, ground fresh chili and chilli satay sauces were officially introduced to the Vietnamese consumer market in late 2013 and have proved an instant success, despite the retail price being relatively higher than competing brands due to the greater quality.
This success highlights Vi Hao’s relentless efforts in winning over Vietnamese consumers. It has achieved this through confidently proving that it offers the very best Vietnamese chili brand, with its tag line “Spicy, Delicious, Clean” proving a hit with chili-lovers who have found the product to more than meet this promise.
The brand has been rewarded for its uniqueness: all the sauces use 100 percent fresh chili, and do not use any colorings, MSG or flour to thicken them. This authenticity has been a hit with Vietnamese culinary aficionados.
Food hygiene and safety is the top concern of gourmet customers in Vietnam in modern times. Families now think, “We do not eat just for the sake of it. Our food must be safe and healthy, restoring us after a day of hard work.”
Vi Hao’s excellent products meet this important demand, becoming hugely popular despite being on the market for less than a year.
As well as being sold in Vietnam’s leading big-name supermarkets, customers can also find the brand being embraced by the prestigious chains of Pho Hung, Pho Hưng and Co Ba Vung Tau. They love to use our tasty Sriracha chili sauce products right in these shops.
While the Vi Hao brand is still young in the Vietnamese market, it has already been a hit with overseas destinations.
Exports to strategic partners have succeeded in bringing Sriracha chili sauce and ground fresh chili production to clients in vibrant and exciting new markets, including its adopted home in the US, with the popular American chain Thuan Phat Market selling Vi Hao products from 2012 to the present.
Meanwhile, the product has also hit shelves in Europe.
Mr. Hai Tran, Chief Financial Officer of the food distributing company Asian Food in Norway, is happy to share the reason why: “Sriracha chili sauces produced by Vi Hao were choose by Deli De Luca, a well-known convenience store chain in Norway, to be the main spices used for its ‘Vietnam Sandwich’ - a customer favorite.”
Mrs. Thu, Chief Executive Officer of Asian Food in Denmark, has confirmed Vi Hao Sriracha and Ground Fresh Chili Sauce is selling fast in Danish supermarkets, due to the product quality.
The decision to use Vi Hao products as complimentary gifts for the audience at the Vietnam music night "Love from the Far Land” - held at the famous Danish Horsen Forum theatre last August - also played a key role in the success, according to Thu, as the super spicy chili reached more than 2,000 attendees .
Vi Hao’s vision is to work with its partners in foreign countries to promote high-quality Vietnamese goods to the world, building the reputation of the "Made in Vietnam" trademark.
The commitment of Vi Hao to the excellent quality of all of its products, whether for the domestic or export market, is key to its continued success. Product quality is well guaranteed by each stage of the production line using top US technology and high-end food processing and safety standards.
As such, all of our sauces are certified by SGS and BRC, two of the most prestigious guardians of food standards in the world. []

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