Vi Hao chili flavor and the excellent brand awards

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Vi Hao specializes in manufacturing mouthwatering spices from fresh chilies. Our sauces and condiments have caused a spicy sensation in Vietnam, where our best selling, deliciously bold Sriracha chili sauce is an indispensable accompaniment to traditional and famous national dishes like pho, mien and various noodle dishes.
Mention Sriracha to any American and they will recall the flavorful chili sauce of Huy Fong Foods. Its aroma is literally out of this world, igniting the taste buds of NASA astronauts for more than a decade. While in Vietnam people will think of Vi Hao chili sauce.
Two different names, but their flavors and processing methods are from the same source.
The Vietnamese are familiar with products made from fresh chili, because they know that spices can make food taste exquisite and exciting. Spicy chili stimulates a tingle on the tongue and gives dishes a delicious kick.
Over time, with the development of modern technology, peppers are now brought to consumers in many forms: fresh chilies, dried chilies, chili powder, smoked chili, chili satay and chili sauce, to name a few.
The chili business is a competitive market, but Vi Hao is the company that is getting chili-lovers particularly excited. Vi Hao boasts three of the most famous chili products on the market with its sriracha hot chili sauce, ground fresh chili and chili satay sauce.
Unlike other sauces on sale, Vi Hao chili sauce is unique because it keeps the natural taste of fresh chili without any artificial flavor or coloring.
The fresh chili content is up in the 85-90% bracket, making the Vi Hao product the most authentic on the shelves and ensuring that your chili sauce will act as perfect seasoning, without overwhelming the taste buds and changing the taste of the dishes.
Late last December, Vi Hao had the honor to receive an Excellent Brand Award 2013, certified by the Intellectual Property Department and AQA International (, under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.
The Excellent Brand Awards, held for the first time in Vietnam, were presented to the businesses that have striven to build a strong brand through their products and service quality.
The winners, including Vi Hao, are all reputable, authentic brands that value the needs of customers both in Vietnam and abroad.
Today, Vietnamese consumers have very high requirements for the quality and safety of what they eat. This means that the food processing industry in Vietnam is constantly looking to improve. With our dedication to bringing incredible meals to gourmet customers, Vi Hao - with our motto "Clean, Spicy, Delicious" – know that we more than meet these high expectations. As such, our products are currently being sold in the supermarket chains Coop Mart, Big C, Lotte, Maxi Mart, Citi Mart, Satra, Fivi Mart, Organica, Pho Hung and Pho Vina.

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