US sets import duties on 5 major shrimp exporters

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The US Commerce Department on Wednesday set anti-subsidy duties of up to nearly 63 percent on frozen shrimp from major exporters China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

In a preliminary finding, the department said it would set countervailing duties on Chinese exports at 5.76 percent; up to 11.32 percent for India; up to 2.09 percent for Thailand; up to 7.05 percent for Vietnam, and 62.74 percent for Malaysia.

The five countries shipped 258,000 tonnes, or $2.3 billion worth, of frozen shrimp to the United States last year.

Exports from all five currently also endure anti-dumping duties of various levels that date back several years.

Indonesia and Ecuador, two other major exporters of farmed and wild-caught shrimp, were found not to offer producers significant subsidies and so were not hit with duties.

The preliminary finding, to be finalized after review by late September, came after an investigation into complaints from US shrimp producers and packagers organized as the Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries.

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