Toyota Vietnam admits technical flaws, rules out recall

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Toyota Vietnam on Friday admitted that there were technical problems with nearly 9,000 cars of the Innova model, but said a recall would not be necessary.

Officials from the company said around 8,830 cars of the model may have problems in their brake systems, their screws or their seats. Some 200 cars, for instance, could have braking systems that are more responsive than usual.

Still, Toyota Vietnam said the cars will not be recalled since the technical problems are minor and do not affect driver safety. The company also said it has not received any complaint from customers concerning the problems so far.

Toyota is the largest carmaker in Vietnam. It sold 2,223 units in February. Innova, in particular, is a popular model in the country, used widely by many taxi companies.

The announcement came after a local quality control agency said it had been tipped off by an engineer about technical problems on Toyota cars that he said could compromise driver safety.

The Vietnam Register, a government body responsible for technical supervision of vehicles, said engineer Le Van Tach, currently working for Toyota Vietnam, submitted many documents showing three major problems with cars of the Innova and Fortuner models.

Tach said the cars made in Vietnam face balance issues since their screws are not tightened properly the way the Japanese company has instructed. He pointed out that the brake systems and seats do not meet safety standards either.

Prior to Toyota Vietnam's announcement, Do Huu Duc, deputy general director of the Vietnam Register, said the authorities will need to look into the case carefully before making any decision.

"Based on our findings, we will work with Toyota or we will request higher authorities to help investigate the case," he said.

Duc also said the Vietnam Register only checked 30 percent of a car to make sure it's generally safe. "We can't check every single thing on a car"¦ The manufacturers are responsible for any safety problems with other parts."

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