Toshiba to design LCD TVs in India, Vietnam: Nikkei

TN News

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Toshiba Corp will begin designing LCD televisions for local markets in India, Indonesia and Vietnam in October to challenge Samsung Electronics Co and other South Korean rivals, the Nikkei business daily reported.

The company is set on boosting its worldwide LCD TV sales to 25 million units by fiscal 2013, up 80 percent from fiscal 2010, the daily reported.

Toshiba aims to have emerging countries account for 50% of its global TV sales in volume terms in fiscal 2013, the paper said.

In 2010, the electronics giant launched Power TV, an LCD TV brand for emerging countries. Its lineup currently includes products with built-in storage batteries for areas plagued by frequent blackouts and models with signal-boosting and noise-reducing functions, the daily said.

Power TV models are now sold in Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa, and the company's market share has doubled to about 20% in some Southeast Asian countries, the business daily added.

LCD TV design divisions, which are already running in India, Indonesia and Vietnam with about 10 staff members each, will also handle notebook computers, the daily reported.

At the same time, the company may design TVs at its personal computer development division in the Chinese province of Hangzhou, the Nikkei said.

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