The Inverter air conditioner from Electrolux Providing you a cleaner and better place to be

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Do you need to escape the sticky, polluted air, noise and heat in summer? The new inverter air-conditioner from Electrolux is the ideal way to help you breathe in fresh, clean air and with its outstanding reliability, efficiency and low-running cost, you can rest in comfort.

The Active Plasma Filtration purification technology effectively removes contaminants and other impurities from the air significantly reducing the risk of allergy, asthma and common colds.

Another great component of the inverter is its Vitamin C Technology feature which continually releases nano particles of pure Vitamin C into the air, improving skin quality and reducing stress. The Gold Fin system which consists of a Golden Anti-Corrosive Condenser and Golden Bio Evaporator is another way this air-conditioner will supply you with fresh, clean air. With this system, the air-conditioner effectively prevents bacteria from breeding and spreading, making your home a healthier, cleaner environment. Price: from VND12,590,000 to VND13,590,000

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