Taxi firms say new paint rule unnecessary

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Many taxi operators nationwide are worried that a new regulation will force them to spend a lot of money to repaint their cabs.
The new rule requires each taxi company to use the same color on all its fleet. Earlier, there was no color restriction.
Do Quoc Binh, chairman of the Hanoi Taxi Association, said the rule was unreasonable as it would create difficulties for many businesses. In the capital city alone half the 14,000 cabs will have to be repainted to meet this new regulation, he said.
"As it costs around VND10 million to paint a car, taxi companies will have to spend some VND70 billion," he said. "It's a huge waste."
Binh said the Transport Ministry has said the new regulation aims to help distinguish one taxi company from the other. But passengers can tell the difference by looking at the logo and phone number of each company, he said.
Ta Long Hy, chairman of the taxi association in Ho Chi Minh City, also said it's not necessary to force businesses to repaint a whole car because a stripe, for instance, along the car's body would be enough.
"Right after the regulation was issued, our association requested the Ministry of Transport to revoke it, but it was not done," said Binh.
He said taxi companies in Hanoi are still waiting for the ministry to change its mind and allow them to keep their paint colors unchanged.
Nguyen Van Quyen, deputy head of the Ministry of Transport's Road Transport Department, said as of Thursday there was no plan to revise the regulation.

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