Supply of green living houses is rare in Ho Chi Minh City

By Thuy Moc, Sponsored content

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Vietnam’s amended Housing Law, which took effect last July, has created a strong boost for the property market as it offers opportunities for many foreigners working and living in Vietnam to finally settle down.
Quality projects developed by prestigious companies and with clear legal status have proved to be more favorable.
Love of eco-projects
According to industry insiders, besides such factors of location, infrastructure, facilities and security, many foreign customers have also underlined the importance of how green the living environment is.
An area with more trees is healthier to its residents and is priced higher than those with little green space, by between 25 percent (in London) and 45 percent (in New York). In certain countries like Singapore, green space is compulsory in construction, especially in the case of high-end development projects.
But in urban Vietnam, public green space is small and narrow as developers tend to sacrifice it for concrete construction. Not many urban development projects in Vietnam meet the green space standard.
Phu My Hung is the urban area with the largest green coverage in Ho Chi Minh City. The 433-hectare complex only uses 140 hectares for residential projects, around 15 hectares for commercial and service investments and leaves the rest for public infrastructure, with a big focus on green space environment.
For that reason, this new city center remains a valuable living location and the one highly sought for by many foreigners in the city.
The number of tree-density per person in Phu My Hung is four times more than the city’s average.
The boost to real estate value
Le Jardin project, situated in The Southside district - the most luxurious residence district at Phu My Hung, has been introduced its model condos in early May.
The biggest advantage of the project is its huge public green space of 45,000 square meter parks. Many people have dubbed it a “green gem” in the middle of the city.
Given the small number of projects that cater to public green space quality, Le Jardin has received high anticipation from customers.
Le Jardin owns a unique position with being embraced amongst 45,000 square meter parks 
Another big difference at Le Jardin is that it only has six condos on each floor, instead of as many as 14 or even more than 20 in many other projects, which result in more air ventilation and sunlight, and reduces elevator loads.
Le Jardin is even a better choice considering it is just a short walk from many international schools including Canada, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Saigon South International School…. Many foreigners working in adjacent provinces such as Binh Duong or Dong Nai still prefer sending their children to schools close to home as the children can go home by themselves and not having to wait for the parents.
Another plus of Le Jardin is that it stands right next to The International commercial and financial district with hundreds of businesses. It therefore wouldn't be hard for foreign experts to find jobs at many multinational corporations here (Unilever, Petro Vietnam, Manulife, HSBC, Ibis Hotel, etc), especially when there will be a lot more office spaces in the next three years with several buildings in the planning.
Le Jardin is designed with 233 condos and 8 shops. All amenities are on the fourth floors, including swimming pools, gymnastics, children playground, community room and club house. The construction is scheduled in 18 months and the project will be available for residents in the end of 2017. The project will be opened for sale in late May, allowing customers to make payment in 30 months.
For more information, please contact:
Phu My Hung Real Estate Transaction Office
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