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Now is the best time to own the most innovative, top-of-the-line kitchen appliances.

Electrolux, the leading global appliance brand, brings you its Bundle of Best Sellers a mix of essential kitchen products in really special prices. This special bundle includes the Electrolux Kitchen Hobs two- and three-burner models designed for performance and safety. These extra spacious hobs and the sealed burner technology allow effortless cleaning and maintaining. Besides, the Electrolux Built-in ovens and microwave help you cook more dishes in less time and achieve professional results.

Choose from five bundles and enjoy the best offers:

- Bundle 1: a 2 burners Hob and a slimline Hood combo for only VND5,938,900.

- Bundle 2: a 3 burners Hob and a slimline Hood for only VND7,478,900.

- Bundle 3: a set of 2 burners Hob, Hood and Oven is a real saver for only VND14,298,900.

- Bundle 4: a set of 3 burners Hob, Hood and Oven retails for only VND23,098,900.

- Bundle 5: the Hood and FSC combo bring you a free gift -Microwave oven valued VND2,290,000.

The Best Seller Bundles are available exclusively at any Nguyen Kim store in nation-wide from June 24 to August 21.

* This is an advertorial.

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