Price management official allays concern about overseas trip

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Public concern about the head of the Vietnamese finance ministry's price management department going on leave for a few days for has been underplayed by the official saying it will not affect his work.

Nguyen Tien Thoa said he would work through telephones and the Internet as usual while he was in Shanghai for the filming of Hanh trinh ba be (Journey Overseas), adding that he would be there only for four to five days.

Leaders in the finance ministry have not barred him participating in the filming as long as he completed his duties before leaving, the official said in a recent interview with Thanh Nien.

"Price management is the whole country's work and I'm just a link in the chain."

He said although he and his family were depressed about recent opposition from the public, he wouldn't give it (the trip) up, because it would affect the filming plan.

According to the official, he accepted the Vietnamese Writers Association Production's offer to play the role of late vice president Nguyen Luong Bang (1904-1979), because he loved films.

Not to mention that it was a historical film, he added.

Asked about his pay, Thoa said: "I'm aware that playing the role of late vice president Nguyen Luong Bang in this significant film is an honor, (and I am) not (doing it) for fame or money."

The second collaborative project between Vietnam and China on late Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, the film features Uncle Ho's activities in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the early 1940s.

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