PNJ ranked among 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work

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PNJ ranked among 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work
Anphabe - The career network of management professionals and Nielsen - global market research firm co-hosted an awards ceremony to honor top companies in the list of 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work 2014 on 5th March. Accordingly, Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) is one of the only 20 Vietnamese companies ranked in the list. The company is ranked 41st in the list of 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work.
The 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work survey was conducted from October 2014 to January 2015 representing more than 15.000 respondents from 24 industries nationwide. It is based on 46 indicators divided in 6 groups including: Salary, Bonus and staff welfare; Career advancement opportunities; Leadership; Culture and values; Work-life balance; and Company reputations.
After 26 years of forming and developing, PNJ has become a leading enterprise in jewel crafting and trading in Vietnam. For two recent years, besides the organizational restructuring, PNJ has focused intensively on developing human resources with outstanding HR policies. With the concept of “Human is the most valuable resource of an enterprise”, PNJ considers salary and remuneration policies are the most efficient investing objects. If you work at PNJ, your salary and welfare will be adequate to your competence and even more competitive than the market common ground. Rewarding, acknowledging individuals and units with outstanding performance are always focused to make good motivation for the employees to contribute and dedicate for the company development.
Besides, PNJ keeps organizing staff training and developing programs to complete employees’ skills and knowledge to meet every requirements and challenge in work, helping each employee steadily carry on his own career goal.
Through unions and organizations, many employee-oriented activities are regularly organized to satisfy employees’ needs of health care and life standards improving as well as building pride and bond amongst employees: seminars, youth forums, art contests, sport contests, PNJ Family Day, Healthcare Club… PNJ Culture educates managers and employees to live responsibly with themselves, their families and society, be law abiding citizens, focus on values of Humanity - Formality - Integrity - Mentality – Credibility. We can say, PNJ is a school where students are not only treated in kind or immediate benefits but with appreciation and love.

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