PNJ affirms its position by entering into brand cooperation with the 'jewel' of Austria

By Cong Quang,

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The top jewelry brand of Vietnam - PNJ has entered into official brand cooperation agreement with Swarovski Group (Austria). This is considered as an important and valuable cooperation for both parties in the present time.
Recognizing the potential partner, Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung, General Director of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ), said that being a strong and world-renowned group, Swarovski deserves the "jewel" of Austria. It is because this Group has more than 120 years of experiences with high-end crystal masterpieces; also its absolute strength is the Provider of product lines precious stones, semi-precious stones, Swarovski Cubiz Zirconia gemstones for the global jewelry market. Therefore, PNJ always highly appreciate Swarovski CZ gemstones products by its perfection in every exquisite cut, shine like diamonds, security of quality and reputation.
The General Director also said that PNJ is the leading brand in jewelry industry of Vietnam and will not stop rising to enhance its international stature with a vision of becoming "the leading jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Asia, ranking the first in middle and senior jewelry market segments in Vietnam". During its 28 years of establishment and development, every product of PNJ is masterpiece of jewelry with a mission to "Bring pride to customers with exquisite jewelry products of outstanding quality".
 Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung said that the signing of brand cooperation agreement between the two enterprises will contribute to improvement of reputation and increase the confidence of consumers in PNJ.
According to Ms. Dung, PNJ is like a beautiful adult woman who will continue to grow stronger. Especially, after the signing with Swarovski, PNJ hopes to further enhance its reputation and brand position as the leading high-end jewelry brand of Asia and towards global reach. If kept growing, PNJ brand will soon be proud identity on the map of the world jewelry industry.
Such description is increasingly precise when PNJ adopted its business plan of 2016 with net sales of nearly VND8,782 billion, increased by 14 percent compared to the previous year. The Company's gross profit is expected to increase by 14 percent to VND1,296 billion. Its financing costs in 2016 will be around VND229 billion, decreased by 47 percent compared to 2015, of which interest expenses account for VND114 billion.
In addition, PNJ also announced its business results report in the first 6 months of 2016. Accordingly, the total revenue that the company achieved in the first half of 2016 was VND4,046 billion, increased by 4 percent over the same period of previous year. In particular, jewelry sales increased by 15 percent over the same period. However, PNJ profits rose incredibly. Gross profit of the first 6 months of 2016 reached VND699.6 billion, increased by 30 percent over the same period and by 54 percent of the year plan.
Ms. Dung judged that the cooperation with Swarovski brand is a strong step, which continues to affirm PJN’s prestige and position in regional and Vietnam's jewelry industry. Specifically, with this cooperation, PNJ again pledges to ensure the origin of goods and creation of quality product lines. Besides, in collaboration with the brand Swarovski, the two parties in the near future will have to support each other closely in marketing activities to further promote design and product promotion activities. Certainly the business results of PNJ will also get better through this strategic partnership based on the strength of Swarovski gemstones.
Agreeing with the opinion of partner, the representative of Swarovski Group in the Asian market appraised Vietnam as a potential market, in which the brand of jewelry PNJ has the leading position in the region and ability to grow well. “Looking forward, we believe that the cooperation of PNJ and Swarovski Gemstones through ECZ innovative jewelry collection is a perfect match for the jewelry industry of Vietnam”, the representative of Swarouvski said.
 The representative of Swarovski – Mr. Kurt Zbinden said the brand cooperation between this Group with PNJ is a perfect match.
Thus, along with the available "internal strength", plus the signing of cooperation between the two enterprises promise to bring customers a guarantee of origin and the best quality in the world. Hence, customers will have more opportunities to experience standard high-end jewelry line by a combination of high-end design and craft of jewelry by PNJ based on
Swarovski CZ gemstones.
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