PM bypasses bidding process for urgent projects in Vietnam

TN News

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The Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has signed a decision on projects that the prime minister will appoint a contractor to urgent projects as opposed to the standard procedure of receiving bids.

The decision, due to take effect next January, is aimed at projects pertaining to important national events and issues such as solving traffic congestion, or which aim at safeguarding sovereignty, which the government cannot waste time receiving bids on.

Other projects under the decision include ones that must be completed soon to ensure foreign investment or the progress of national energy development programs.

The prime minister will also appoint contractors to projects that supply domestic machinery for national energy development programs and projects involving traffic safety in major cities.

In order for the prime minister to appoint a contractor, the projects have secured an investment license and the funds required to fulfill it.

Contractors must sign contracts within 45 days of being appointed by the prime minister for normal projects, while the government will allow 90 days when extenuating circumstances are present.

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